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About Us

Flavorholic Story

Everybody loves wings today, but back in 1991, finding crispy wings with a punch of flavor was next to impossible in Gainesville, Florida where Matt Friedman and Adam Scott were attending college.

They had grown up enjoying spicy, hot, juicy wings in the Northeast, but as students at the University of Florida, they couldn’t imagine watching their beloved Gators without a tray of wings.

As a result, their cravings propelled them into action. “If there are no decent wings in Gainesville, we’ll just have to make our own!”

Wing Zone Origins: Matt Friedman and Adam Scott

Wing Zone Founders, Adam Scott & Matt Friedman

Fraternity Origins

Necessity is the mother of invention, so each evening, Matt and Adam commandeered their fraternity house kitchen to serve as a chicken wing laboratory. Into the night, they developed flavor ideas and served the hot wings to a house full of willing taste testers.

Little did they know that their “research assignment” would one day become an international franchise operation.

One by one they perfected recipes that years later would become Wing Zone’s trademark flavors. Each night’s batch would sell out – proof of concept that they were on to something.

Importantly, they gained the confidence to open a storefront location in Gainesville named “Wing Zone.”

Growth & Renown

Today, Wing Zone is more than a franchise brand. It holds a place in the hearts of wing lovers and flavor fanatics – who Matt and Adam call Flavorholics™.

Over time, their guests loved the flavors so much that they began asking that their burgers, chicken tenders, and the rest of the menu be flavored like their wings – what Wing Zone now calls Flavor Fuze™.

Having grown to over 80 restaurants in 5 countries, Matt and Adam have not kept still. They continue to develop new formats and flavors to give their Flavorholics the best wing experience on the planet.

We hope you’re ready to join us.

Wing Zone Growth & Renown

Wing Zone at the National Buffalo Wing Festival

Hall of Famers

Matt and Adam are among the chosen few to be inducted into the Buffalo Wing Hall of Flame.

Wing Zone’s flavors have been recognized as the Festival Favorite at the National Buffalo Wing Festival where Buffalo Bliss was the official flavor for the wing-eating competition.

Wing Zone has also received awards for Hot Shot, Thai Chili and Garlic Parm.